Lyv Realty

As an independent brokerage that combines years of real estate experience and cutting-edge marketing, Lyv Realty offers a unique value proposition: every listing with us is not just a property, but a tailored marketing campaign designed to target and attract the perfect buyer. Attracting comes from going the extra mile and we offer in-house handyman services and designer staging to our clients in order to further complement every type of home we sell.

Our Value Proposition:

Target Audience: Homeowners looking for help making their property showcase beautifully and thus sell their property quickly and for top dollar, and buyers seeking a streamlined, honest and professional negotiator making your purchasing experience successful and less stressful.

Unique Selling Points:

1. Customized Marketing Campaigns: We treat each listing as a bespoke marketing campaign, leveraging advanced targeting techniques to reach the most qualified and interested buyers.

2. Digital Expertise: Our team excels in digital marketing strategies, including social media advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), and email campaigns, ensuring maximum visibility for your property.

3. Data-Driven Approach: Utilizing the latest market analytics, we craft campaigns that speak directly to buyer demographics most likely to be interested in your specific type of property.


1. Maximized Exposure: Our innovative marketing techniques ensure your property catches the eye of a wide yet targeted audience, increasing the likelihood of a quick sale.

2. Professional Presentation: High-quality photography, videography, drone and virtual tours showcasing your property in the best light, attracting serious buyers.

3. Seamless Experience: Our marketing expertise reduces the time your property spends on the market, while our personalized service and timeline tracking makes the process smooth and stress-free.


1. Success Stories: Numerous clients have sold their properties faster and at higher prices thanks to our strategic marketing approach.

2. Client Testimonials: Satisfied clients consistently praise our ability to effectively market their homes and deliver outstanding results. Check out our Google reviews!

3. Proven Track Record: Our listings consistently outperform market averages in terms of speed of sale and final sale price.

Choosing Lyv Realty means you are choosing a partner who cares deeply about every detail and is dedicated to showcasing your property to its fullest potential and achieving the best possible outcome in the real estate market.